Winter Wonderland

Decorating for Christmas is my most favorite time of the year! Last year I spent a good month trying to figure out how to add flocking powder to my preexisting Christmas tree, however to order it to Canada online would have cost me a fortune. I think the Christmas gods were listening to me, because one day half the lights went out in my tree and thankfully, Rona let me exchange it for another one so long as it was the same brand. So here it is. My flocked tree in all it’s glory.

My idea of a white, magical Christmas came to life! It wasn’t a huge expense either. Here’s the biggest tip I have: do your Christmas decor shopping at the END of the season and don’t be afraid to shop in your thrift stores or dollar stores. I really wanted some white textured stockings, but didn’t want to pay $15-$20 per stocking, so I used these ones from Dollarama. I plan to add our names to them, but you can see how they seamlessly go with our decor.

These Christmas snowballs were also found at our local dollarstore and what is more fun than having an indoor snowball fight with the family. The smaller trees next to them were also found at the dollarstore and I pushed the branches down and added some spray snow and handmade garland. The one thing you must know when styling with primarily one color, is to add LOTS of texture.

My biggest splurge last year was on this beautiful wreath made by Remain Rustic. Unfortunately I can’t find her anymore, but all of her wreaths were stunning.

Every year we make handmade ornaments and I love that these memories are filling up our tree. We made each of our extended family member’s one of these ornaments. We bought a box of glass ornaments, put the kid’s hand prints on them and decorated each finger as a snowman. We have also recently done salt-dough ornaments and if you would like to see the detailed tutorial, you can see it in my highlights on Instagram.

I get asked about these antlers every time I post about them. They are actually two wine racks pushed together. They are perfect for our tablescape all year round!

We also ended up moving our tree for the first time last year too. For four years it was in this corner, and we decided to switch it up and put our couch here instead. I think we can all agree it is the coziest spot for the couch! It’s amazing how switching a few things around can completely change the feel of a space!

I always keep our photos the same in this collage wall and switch out the wood signs for something more festive (like this adorable reindeer). This wall is kind of in an awkward spot with our living room and couch, but they are there to stay.

Lastly I wanted to show you our cute presents we wrapped last year. The white paper we found on clearance. I tied some yarn, added texture with some sticks and greenery and made these tags myself. It sure gave everyone a laugh when it was time to open them.

So there it is! Our Winter Wonderland! It’s by far the coziest area we have in the house. We decorate in bright, fun colors upstairs for the kids, but this space is everything I love! I could have probably wrote another 5 pages of all the DIYS, but I will cut it short. Hope you enjoyed the Holiday Tour!

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