The Blushing Nest

Photos produced by Jenny Jean Photography.

I first met Jenny through the land of Instagram. Jenny is a photographer (Jenny Jean Photography) and she immediately captured my attention through her gorgeous light and airy feed. It’s kind of funny how social media works. After finding each other (let’s be serious, I was borderline stalking her Instagram account) and we both felt like we knew each other without ever officially meeting. Seriously, if you ever need a wedding or lifestyle photographer, you need to check out Jenny’s work! Not only is she one talented human being, she is also one of the nicest people you will come across!

Jenny had messaged me a while back telling me as soon as she found a house, she would love to have me in to design it for her. She sent me inspiration photos and as soon as I saw a pink couch in her dream-boards, I knew this was going to be a match made in heaven!

Several weeks after Jenny and her husband (Tom) moved into their home that they were sending me photos of the house they purchased. They had just finished installing the new floors when we met and discussed a plan and different styles. I always suggest to my clients to spend some time on Pinterest to narrow down some ideas they love. Jenny mentioned she knew she loved pastels, but wasn’t sure whether she loved the ‘farmhouse’ look or not. Turns out, the more she looked around, she loved the simple ‘Scandinavian’ style, with less of the natural warm woods.

This project was completed in a few increments. So many factors were involved; items ordered (some being delayed), budget, and lots of this makeover was happening right around the Christmas holiday.

The first part of this makeover was the gallery wall. With Jenny being a photographer, she wanted to be able to display some of her favorite photos. These frames from Ikea were so budget friendly! These type of gallery walls are gorgeous, but definitely take some time to measure and make sure everything is straight. This simple, clean gallery style was perfect for the look we were trying to accomplish in this space.

Probably the most difficult part of this room was finding this coffee table! Our goal was to find a black geometric base with a white top that was budget friendly. Sourcing can be a pain sometimes. I found about 30 of these tables, but none that would ship to Canada. Eventually I found this one from Wayfair and ended up painting the top white! Sometimes you just need to adapt, improvise and DIY to get the look you want!

Okay, can you believe the difference in this kitchen nook! Kudos to Jenny and Tom for adding shiplap to this wall, building this storage bench and adding this light! These shelves were so fun to style for this nook. We changed out the hardware and added pieces that complimented the entire room.

Finally, the pink couches arrived and it was time to decorate the rest of the living space! Although the couches didn’t look as pink in real life as they did online, we were able to pull out the pinky-hues by adding blush pillows and throws. Jenny found a photo from Bouclair and fell in love with the styled shelf in the photograph. We were able to dupe the look with a floating shelf from Home Depot, a mirror from Bouclair, and small décor items from Homesense.

I also had the opportunity to paint Jenny and Tom’s door pink. A PINK DOOR! It’s not every day that you can throw blush around like it’s confetti. We also decided to change the hardware to a gorgeous matte black which accented the rest of the hardware in the living room beautifully. It was fun trying to figure out how to pry off the old hardware to put the new set on. Thank goodness for Youtube tutorials!

I think my favorite part of any makeover is seeing the reaction of a client. Although Jenny was fully aware of what was going on, the reveal still took her breath away. That moment where her dream vision became a reality brought tears to her eyes. I always feel so thankful to be a part of these magical moments!

There is something about doing makeovers on older homes that I just love! Maybe it’s seeing the before and afters, maybe it’s discovering the possibilities. There is a piece of me that would love to purchase an old home and flip it one of these days… not live in it, but do it for fun. Who knows, maybe I’m crazy. Here’s to many more gorgeous transformations!

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