Illustrious Master Bedroom

June 30th 2016. Why is this date important? It’s my wedding anniversary! What does this have to do with interiors? Well, it was the inspiration for decorating my master bedroom.

You likely haven’t seen this combination of fuchsia purples and teal in a bedroom, but it’s all over mine. You see, those were my wedding colors.

My husband and I got married at the beautiful Chateau Lake Louise and the view couldn’t have been more spectacular. The water is a true teal which worked beautifully with the wedding colors I had chosen.

I wanted to feel the same love and joy that I felt on my wedding day. Our bedroom is an oasis and a place we come to relax and unwind.

The painting above the bed was brought home from a trip we took to Mexico. The artist spray painted the entire piece and we watched him work and create the masterpiece from the very start. It was our very first piece of art we picked together and it was fitting to hang in our room.

I never recommend hanging pictures this high, but there was some thought behind it. I debated mounting the television on the wall and placing multiple frames on the top of the dresser. The issue I felt with this, was the pictures would have to be quite a bit smaller and there would be far less.

This collage went on the wall directly across the bed, which is wonderful to look at while we sit in our bed. The frames are large enough that we can see the details in every one.

In a collage, I like to mix up frames with other unique pieces, but I had so many favorite photos I wanted to use, that I had to pair down to use mostly frames. Sidenote: when there’s a part in a movie where I feel like I’m going to cry, I just look up at one of our photos and distract myself from sobbing like a baby. Works MOST of the time.

These gorgeous foam flowers were purchased from Urban Barn and they are so unique. I absolutely love them and there is always such a great selection every time I go shopping there.

Another little part of our bedroom. A perfect mix of old and new vases. The large vase I found for only $25 from HomeSense. I love when I can find a good sale! I wrapped some purple twine along the top of the vase to help tie in some fuchsia with the rest of this display.

I brought some of the teals and fuchsias into our master en-suite bathroom and painted these canvases myself. They are not perfect, but I still love them. They flow nicely with the room, especially since there is no door to the en-suite.

So there it is everyone, our Master Bedroom inspired by our wedding. Again, you’ll never see this in a magazine, but it means something to us. It brings joy and happiness like it did on our actual wedding day. Just because it’s against the grain, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily wrong. Step out of your comfort zone and decide on what’s important! As for my bedroom, it’s being reminded of that special guy that makes my world turn around!

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