Home Decorating: $55/Hr

Looking to re-do a room or your entire house? I work with any budget and I use multiple resources to find and create spaces unique to your taste. I offer wall murals, hand made décor, select finishes, and have an eye for combining pieces for a complete appearance. Leave the work to me or we can work together to create the space you’ve been dreaming of.

E-Designs: $200+

These decor packages give you several mood boards, and one design board with actual products to purchase which are set out in a display where you can see it all come together. This service is perfect if you don't quite have the budget up front and can purchase these items as you can afford them. This is generally a 10 page document where you can see every price, location of purchase, and a description of where it should go.

Walk ‘N’ Talk: $120

Not sure where to put your furniture? What should go on this mantle? How can I decorate this room? This is the most affordable service Illustrious Interiors offers and this is a one hour walk and talk where we go through your entire house and give you ideas of what you can do with your space. This is great for anyone that can execute a project with a bit of helpful direction.