Airy Kitchen Nook

An affordable DIY.

Over the past few months, I have worked with my best friend to revamp her kitchen nook. When she first moved into her apartment over three years ago, I sent her a photo of a table with a set of four chairs on a buy & sell website that I thought would be perfect for her space and was only $60.00!!!  The downfall of buy & sell forums is that you never really know the quality or condition until you pick it up.

This table happened to be well “loved” by a family that refinished it and it was used to colour, create, cook on and it needed a bit of (TLC) elbow grease to fix it up. I wish I had a before picture from the buy and sell, but sifting through years of photos, we weren’t able to find it.

My friend took it upon herself to refinish the table by painting a brown top and a cream base. Since it was her first refinishing project, she wasn’t entirely happy with the technique she used. Here is a before and after photo of the space!

Now enter Ashley (myself) who spends way too much time looking at inspiration photos on Pinterest, Instagram and spamming my best friends with décor ideas. Actually, the more I think of it, how do I even have friends anymore!

Thankfully, she saw past my interior decorating obsession and allowed me to make some minor adjustments that made a huge impact to her perfect little nook!

If you have ever worked with me or seen any of my work, you know I am a fan of a good DIY. Not only does it save money, but knowing that we can use our artistic skills to bring a space together is absolutely incredible.

Want to hear how much it cost to refinish the tables and reupholster the chairs!? Fifty dollars and a good chunk of quality time!! We sanded down the table and chairs to start fresh (especially since this was the 3rd time this table was getting a makeover) and painted the chairs in an antique white. Then I painted the table with paints we already had (the main color was actually a mix of the brown and cream she already had) and added just a touch of grey! This was a very quick painting technique to blend the colors into what looks like a wood-grain finish. After it was completely dry, I dry-brushed some of the white over the table for a more “farmhouse” look.

We found some fabric on sale (and had loads left over) and literally sat in different aisles testing the quality, thickness and comfort of the foam. Ultimately, we found a pack of four pre-cut foam pieces for $25.00!

Next, we made the wooden shelves. We ordered some brackets on Amazon since they were a fraction of the price compared to our local hardware stores. The wood cost approximately $5.00 and we stained it in a dark brown, then grey, and finished it in a white wash. I couldn’t even believe that the concoction matched with the table so well!

We had some amazing shopping dates to purchase some curtains, décor for the shelves and table, oh and the light….oooooh the light. The first thing that I told my friend when we were planning her space, was that I wanted the 1980’s ceiling fan to go. Although she was on board with the decision, she had the hardest time committing to a fixture. There were just too many to love! Finally, on our last shopping date, we stumbled across this rustic pendant and it was exactly what we envisioned!   

This project was a complete success and so budget friendly! Not only did I love creating this welcoming space, but I loved being able to create it with my best friend! It didn’t feel like a moment of work. Looking forward to having a couple brunches in this kitchen nook!

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